Welcome on our website of Fermenta Ltd!

Our 100% Hungarian property, family-owned company was established in 1993. The determining activities are commerce of food industrial additives and development of foods and beverages. In these days part of this latter comes more and more important. Our product idea for food and beverage producers help us that our partners’ number yearly increases. Moreover the cooperation which based on trust guarantees long-distance success. We would like to demonstrate our worth with appreciation to the smallest purchaser, not with quantitative expectations, which select users.

Our employees do their best in order to partners in present and future apply to us with trust. Put our professional knowledge and skill to the test!
The idea and recipe are given by us!
Our proposal
  • great professional and producing background, which is guaranteed by partners
  • reliability and discretion
  • products, which correspond to the most demanding market
  • adaptive material and technologies for given technical facility
  • adaptive quick product development for the claim of market
  • free consultancy and problem solving
  • recipes